How Webinar Classes Work & How To Be There ...


Academic staff members interface with students through various platforms. These can be found on

Academic staff announce webinar classes on the CPUT Blackboard Calendar as well as these platforms, particularly the closed Facebook groups pertaining to each year.

1. When a student is required to attend a particular webinar class he/she receives an email notification.

2. The email contains the details of the webinar class as well as a link to a registration page.

3. The student clicks the link and is taken to a registration page where he/she enters their names and email address and clicks "register".

4. The student is now registered to attend that class.

5. Students receive a confirmation email after registration with a link to be clicked on the day and time of the event.

How to join the webinar class on the appointed day and time:

1. Five or 10 minutes before the event is scheduled to start open the confirmation email and click on the join link.
2. You will be taken to the webinar class's waiting room or the webinar itself if you arrive late.
3. Your browser will request permission to switch on your audio feed. We do not use video, so there is no need to switch on the video feed.
4. Your microphone is muted by default and you must "put your hand up" and wait for the organiser to un-mute your microphone.

That's it! Remember that the use of a headset is highly recommended.

LOST THE EMAIL? If you lose the email and link to join the webinar or cannot access your email for whatever reason, call OA Support (2pm-6pm) on 076 987 4520 ; we will give you a numerical code. Navigate to enter the code and follow the prompts.